Something Borrowed, Something True

by Hunt(her)Gather(her)

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(free) 03:22


released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Hunt(her)Gather(her) Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Waiting on the Aftermath
Verse 1:
It's looking pre-apocalyptic. Don't believe in role models.
Lather blood on my hands and give winks to the zombies who follow.
It wanted progress, but I told my soul it'd have to suffice.
Keep moving. Rest in Power, Church-girl. Wait for sun to out its lights.
And my thighs could move mountains, and my mind could lead movements.
Cult of suicidal teenagers. Demons laugh in amusement.
I just try to bide my time until Kirito pulls his sword out.
The future stands in the crosshair of Sinon's gun. Judas hangs doubt.
I envision myself in a nightmare. Palms sweaty. Hollow breath.
The smell of rotting flesh of past lovers. I'm fresh to death.
KEEP IT SIMPLE. Did you really think that unity pacts would have your back? KNIVES DON'T.
Emily taught me best that behind door number three, there's nothing left.
Slough off my multiple selves, archetype body for multiple hells.
Genuflect to the me that came before me. Tell Mom that daughters perish as well.
The Inside Man moved out from behind the wheel years ago.
I'm a machete mastodon of thrown roses to heroes graves. I grow.

It's times like this I drown my questions in my whiskey. Drown all the noise within me. Cease.
It's times like this, I drown my questions. Drown my questions.
(Repeat 1X)

Verse 2:
And we're back!
Nose to the ground stone in the wake of the tomb where grandma slept
in a grave marked "nobody," 'cause we couldn't afford the corpse we left.
Moon turned bloody. Unloose the earthworm. Crab claw for day.
She knows it's been seven years since I said my last "in God we pray."
Whole constellations fall for the occasion. I pray for prey.
Eyes on the side of head. Arrow to temple. Watch the Hunt(her) slay.
Word of the Apostle cometh from the darkest corner of Lazarus' crypt.
Witness the holes in palm bloodier than the teen wrists we slit.
Can you feel my madness? (Yes)
Can you feel my sadness? (Yes)
Aren't you f*cking glad you had this? (Yes)
What's regret to clownfish? (Don't know)
Can you hear them laughing?
The zombie wolves come at me.
The Walking Dead are real so stake me, holy-water-bath-me.
Gimme that fish lens to anesthetize my self worth's slope.
Gimme that rosary. Pay tithes to help my mind's eye cope. I stay woke.
Eyes on the prize and cackle at the howls of chupacabra and stab them.
Leave the lover behind until he sees the whole world is laughing at him.
Track Name: The Language (Revamped)
The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup:
say a prayer for you. I say a prayer for you.

Verse 1:
I don't know why I went back to my past like the shit would be different.
I'm laughing at my former self. Thought she was too smart to get finessed again.
Playing the game. Playing strong, 'cause I thought if I talked, he'd just leave again.
But what's the difference between 'leave' and 'emotional vacancy?' Come again?
You're loving his tough game of chess. Bet you had hopes of being his queen in end.
He revels in fuck games of love, 'cause he knows there's an end with your heart in hand.
You gave all your resources. Who's laughing now? Can you still see the future, Gem?
He's not in your city. You look dumb as fuck, 'cause it's true, you're still stuck on him.
Fuckin' around with those dead soulless people will have you so dark that the sun isn't real.
Just tell the truth about how you are feeling. If they up and leave, then so? You know the deal.
Leave it alone. Don't go back, because every time you turn around, you just fall in the trap again.
They know you stuntin' 'bout wantin' an end, and if they break your heart, you're to blame. No Miss Victim.
You know it!

Heartbreak in the air tonight, I can tell.
He'll never pick up your pieces. Move it. Oh, well.
Being broken is real. I don't know about you.
He just wanna fuck and argue. Sad love. That's all that we do.
You ain't talkin' my language, you ain't talkin' my language. (1X)

Verse 2:
Fuck a cliché. Yeah, I made you a box, and I fill it with memories.
Letters I wrote, 'cause you're too immature to just talk and be real with me.
If I can rewind it, I'd prolly be dumb and still give you the whole of me.
So I know I gave you my all. It's not me, it's all you, Mr. Fuckery.
Every city's too small when you knowin' that you ain't the only one.
No doubt about it, I messed around too. You got butt-hurt 'bout others' cum.
Kept pulling me back, 'cause I'm dope, but not dope enough to keep forever!
Yeah, I got my eyes back. "You'll never have me like you want" is still never!
I hate it when people say they'd never do something. Hop on a plane and do that very thing.
Callin' yo phone, like, "I miss you." "I love you." "Is that ass still mine?" "You remember that scene?!"
Last time I checked, you were done, so just keep to that.
Leave it alone and just say what you mean.
Call up the others and make me the villain.
Deflect for a moment, but you can't escape it.
You know it!

(Repeat chorus 1X)
Track Name: Gossip Queen
Verse 1:
In the schoolyard, Nigel opens wide. Sara, too.
In her spare time, Julie lies.
The cool kids smoke Marlboros under the bleachers.
The preacher's daughter parties wild.
Melvin sneaks his father's gin. He smells of booze.
Guinevere cheats on tests.
The teachers praise her for staying on honor roll.
Guess she's not really the best.

A little birdy told me all the gossip, girl.
I know all of your secrets. I know all of your secrets.
Bow to me, I am the Gossip Queen.
I know all of your secrets. I'm your queen.

Verse 2:
Our prom queen loves to take it hard. The prom king too.
In her daydreams, Eleanor cuts.
Kate lost her virginity in her dad's pickup truck.
Christopher purges after lunch.
In his office, Mr. Love touches Sean after school.
We'd always see him cry.
And one day he went away forever -- just to return in a box.

(Repeat chorus 1X)