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The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup:
say a prayer for you. I say a prayer for you.

Verse 1:
I don't know why I went back to my past like the shit would be different.
I'm laughing at my former self. Thought she was too smart to get finessed again.
Playing the game. Playing strong, 'cause I thought if I talked, he'd just leave again.
But what's the difference between 'leave' and 'emotional vacancy?' Come again?
You're loving his tough game of chess. Bet you had hopes of being his queen in end.
He revels in fuck games of love, 'cause he knows there's an end with your heart in hand.
You gave all your resources. Who's laughing now? Can you still see the future, Gem?
He's not in your city. You look dumb as fuck, 'cause it's true, you're still stuck on him.
Fuckin' around with those dead soulless people will have you so dark that the sun isn't real.
Just tell the truth about how you are feeling. If they up and leave, then so? You know the deal.
Leave it alone. Don't go back, because every time you turn around, you just fall in the trap again.
They know you stuntin' 'bout wantin' an end, and if they break your heart, you're to blame. No Miss Victim.
You know it!

Heartbreak in the air tonight, I can tell.
He'll never pick up your pieces. Move it. Oh, well.
Being broken is real. I don't know about you.
He just wanna fuck and argue. Sad love. That's all that we do.
You ain't talkin' my language, you ain't talkin' my language. (1X)

Verse 2:
Fuck a cliché. Yeah, I made you a box, and I fill it with memories.
Letters I wrote, 'cause you're too immature to just talk and be real with me.
If I can rewind it, I'd prolly be dumb and still give you the whole of me.
So I know I gave you my all. It's not me, it's all you, Mr. Fuckery.
Every city's too small when you knowin' that you ain't the only one.
No doubt about it, I messed around too. You got butt-hurt 'bout others' cum.
Kept pulling me back, 'cause I'm dope, but not dope enough to keep forever!
Yeah, I got my eyes back. "You'll never have me like you want" is still never!
I hate it when people say they'd never do something. Hop on a plane and do that very thing.
Callin' yo phone, like, "I miss you." "I love you." "Is that ass still mine?" "You remember that scene?!"
Last time I checked, you were done, so just keep to that.
Leave it alone and just say what you mean.
Call up the others and make me the villain.
Deflect for a moment, but you can't escape it.
You know it!

(Repeat chorus 1X)


from Something Borrowed, Something True, track released April 9, 2015
Produced by Hunt(her)Gather(her), co-produced with/by Wes Restless



all rights reserved


Hunt(her)Gather(her) Chicago, Illinois

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